Quick Waste Remover  


   Quick Waste Remover





The products are used for clear off waste edges after die-cutting in stead of manual labor like hammer or hand, which can reduce labor force and improve work effective by ten times.



Use And Characteristic:


The Waste Remover is suitable for removing the waste edges and sides of paperboard, thin corrugated boxes and common corrugated paper.

1. It is driven through a pneumatic motor to drive toothed chain at a high speed in circulation. It uses a jag to rake-out and remove the waste paper sides and edges.

2. The Waste Remover is a hand equipment with high efficiency. Its capacity can be improved by 10 times. It needs 3 hours to remove the waste for the operator by manual work. But it only needs 10-30 minutes for this machine. It greatly reduces the work strength for operator and shortens the delivery cycle.

3. The machine is characterized by compact construction and light weight. It is simply applicable and can be operated by both male and female workers after having a simple training course.

4. Don¨t damage the connecting part while it is removing the waste. Promote post procedure efficiency (pasting boxes/automatic packing).

5. The imported pneumatic motor is adopted for the Waste Remover, featuring in sound safety performance, high economic result and long life.

6. The imported alloy with high strength through heat treatment tooth is adopted for the chain-wheel, featuring in high hardness and strength, strong wear resistant and long life.

7. It is suitable for all products including card paper, Eamp; F and other paper. The applicable paper scope: 150g/-1000g/card paper, single/double paper, double pasting paper.




Main Technical Parameters


2500\4500R.P.M    12CFM       0.7Mpa    3.8K






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