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CTC black tea production line machine

Capacity: Tea Leaf 500kg/day

Technological process: Fresh leaves--Wither--Rolling--rolled-- fermenting--baking--vibrating-shifting graded



Name: Machine head of withering trough

Quantity: 2set

Remarks: Two fans on line, automatic temperature control

Model: YY-6CRT-65B

Name: Tea rolling machine (primary rolling)


Remarks: Double arm stainless steel, initial slight rolling 3KW / 380V

Model: YY-6CRQ-30

Name: Rotor kneading and cutting machine

Output per hour: 100-150kg / h,

total power: 6kW,

overall dimension: 2280 * 600 * 1160mm

Model: YY-6CFJ-14B

Name: Black tea fermenter machine

Unit hour output: 300kg / batch

Total power: 4.5 KW

Overall dimension: 1400 * 1300 * 2180 mm

Model: YY-6CHZ-9B

Name: Tea drying machine

Remarks: 16 layer rotary type,It is equipped with 16 stainless steel drying plates,12 KW /set

Output per hour:35kg

Model: YY-6CDS-30

Name: Tea vibrating-shifting machine

Remarks: 16 layer drawer type, It is equipped with 16 stainless steel drying plates, 12 kW /set

Output per hour: 35kg


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