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Full automatic intelligent flat tea frying machine







Product presentation


This product is in accordance with the traditional manual flat tea frying process principle of design,  with fried, buffeting, pressure, grinding, drying and other functions. Complete simulation handmade tea way of precise design, carefully manufacturing, controlled by microcomputer, completely replace the artificial intelligence equipment. It can accurately control feeding amount of leaf, the fixation time, temperature, pressure pressure volume.With a variety of  functions such as automatic feeding, automatic cleaning platen, automatic oiling. Applicable to high profile of flat shaped tea water-removing, carding, compressed,forming, drying,grinding, realize the continuous operation of the intelligent flat tea frying equipment.


Product parmeters



Type: tea machinery

Model: 6CCB-80IZD
Voltage: 220V

Net weight: 150Kg

Power: 5Kw

Size: 1250*850*1200mm

Product use: tea processing


Product characteristics


1   Automatic accurate feeding system

2   Automatic adding oil system

3   Automatic precise pressure system

4   Automatic cleaning plate system

5   Automatic discharging system

6   Automatic precise heating temperature control system

7   Stop reset system

8   The material shortage alarm system and delay shutdown system

9   Manual / automatic switching system

10 System self test and fault prompt system




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