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Wood pellet machine & stove

Straw as fuel

Name of Machine


Technical Parameter Brief Introduction
Straw pellet coal machine

Raw materials:
0-50mm straw with
5-30% moisture
Finished pellet: Density :800-1400 kg / cubic meter; calorific value :3700-4700 kg; Ash :1-20% Moisture + 15%
CO emission: 0
NO emission: 214mg/m3
SO emission: 246mg/m3

1. high capacity, low power consumption: straw coal machine, hourly production capacity 1200 kg -1500 kg, only 18.5 kilowatts power motor. If there is no available substitute diesel power facilities.
2. with a small size, light weight, non-polluting, low price.
3. simple and easy to use: a high degree of automation, less labor, only three people, the use of artificial feeding or automatic feeding conveyor can.

Pellet Stove



Rated power: 15000 kcal
Heat efficiency: 91.15%
Blower booster power: 0.25kw
Ignition power: 1.8kw
Chimney diameter: 114mm
Fuel consumption: 2.65kg/h
Fuel storage: 120kg
Heating area: 80-120m2
Water output: 0.3T/h
Weight: 184kg
Dimension: 900X460X1040mm

This product uses the combustion chamber boiling suspension technology for fuel are: sawdust, wood flour, wood, wood, wet wood and wood, wood, wood chips. And especially for their own generation and combustible waste sawdust, wood, wood, wood co-firing, also suitable for burning wet wood fuel and mixed with ingredients easy to coke fuel impurities.

sawdust as fuel

Name of Machine Pictures Technical Parameter Brief Introduction
wood pellet machine

Capacity: 500-700kg/h
Motor power: 37kw
weight: 1500kg
dimension: 2400x1100x1500mm
Finished products: length 3-5mm, moisture 14-25%, density 0.8-1.4g/cm3, calorific value: 3500-5500 kcal


There are oil circulation system, oil cooling system, automatic cut-off device, low power, high output, the machine running flat, easy maintenance, simple operation; Low consumable prices. Motor power, high production volume: with a new granulation compression concept design, reduce the maximum energy loss.

CTNHS-112 wood pellet stove


For fuel :8-10mm (straw, bamboo powder, sawdust) particle fuel
Output power :10-1200000 kcal / Hr
Feeding system: frequency throttle
Combustion chamber temperature: Q 1200 ≧ discharge temperature: Q 1100

1 technology is mature, stable product
2 automatic frequency technology, intelligent control feeding, with the wind, multi-functional fire
3 high degree of automation, one-button operation, a unique anti-tempering, material design, security and stability
5 fully functional, with automatic cutting, automatic ignition, emergency stops
6 burn rate, less ash, and coke, the real low heat loss, energy efficient


    Price List

 Name of Product  FOB Price (USD)

CTNC-JG-1 Straw pellet coal machine

CTNC-2 Straw Pellet Stove  
CTNSWZ-60 wood pellet machine  
CTNHS-112 wood pellet stove  





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