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Chocolate Drip Drop Machine

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Chocolate Drip Drop Machine

Use: dipping chocolate chips.

Model: CTNYQYH400-1200


  Product Description  

Chocolate chips depositing machine


1).The chocolate chips depositing machine is used for producing particle chocolate chips. It can produce chocolate chips with a tail on top (like water drops), it can also produce chocolate chips without a tail on top (like button).

2).The size and weight of chocolate chips can be adjustable as per client's requirement.

3).The chocolate chips depositing machine comprise of depositor and cooling tunnel. It is controlled by PLC system.

Main parameter:

1).Width of conveyance belt: 600mm

2).Speed of conveyance belt: 1~3M/Minute

3).Working temperature of tunnel: 0~10 degree Celsius

4).Depositing speed: about 20times/minute

5).Cooling compressor: COPELAND brand

6).Diameter of chocolate chips: 4~12mm adjustable

7).Weight of chocolate chips: 0.1~2g adjustable

8).Net Weight: 2500kg

9).Size of Machine: 13000*960*1720 mm

Main structure and working principle:

1).The chocolate chips depositing machine is comprised of depositor and cooling tunnel.

2).The depositor is comprised of chocolate paste depositing structure, conveyance belt lifting structure, frame etc.

3).The chocolate paste is fed into the hopper with thermal insulation temperature.

4).The chocolate paste is deposited on the conveyance belt by the depositing parts and then transported to the cooling tunnel by the conveyance belt.

5).The cooling tunnel is comprised of 6 segments, the cover layer adopts thermal insulation painted steel plate which can be opened, and get the best cooling effect.

6).The cooling air is from the external refrigeration compressor, the evaporator makes up the circulation of cooling air. When the refrigeration compressor is working, the evaporator emits heat. Turn on the blower, the cooling air from the evaporator is sent to upper position of the middle color plate in form of cooling air to cool the chocolate chips and sent to lower position of the middle color plate through self-suction of the blower, then through the evaporator to realize circulation of cooling air, so that to avoid loss of cooling air and increase cooling efficiency of the refrigeration compressor.

7).After refrigeration starts working and temperature in the upper position of cooling tunnel reaches 5~10 degree Celsius, the chocolate chips can enter the cooling tunnel.

8).The conveyance belt is used to convey chocolate chips on the conveyance belt into the cooling tunnel for cooling.


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