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Oolong tea production line

Brief introduction of oolong tea

Oolong tea evolved from tribute teas (dragon ball and phoenix cake) in Song Dynasty and originated from Fujian province in 1725 AD of Qing Dynasty. It is a semi-fermented tea and has a obvious healthy efficacy such as clear mind and tiredness, diuresis and relieving summer-heat, disinfecting and and killing bacteria, detoxification, aiding digestion, losing weight, anti-cancer & aging and reduce blood fat, etc.

Oolong Tea Processing Technology

Procedure 1. Withering
This procedure can dispel superfluous moisture so that the tenacity and fragrance of leaves are enhanced in this procedure.

Procedure 2.  Green leaves with red edges process
This is crucial procedure of oolong tea processing. After processing of tea leaves in a particular machine (quivering) to achieve effect of green leaves with red edges.

Procedure 3. Stir fixation
Stir fixation is a procedure to restrain activity of enzyme and oxidation to avoid continuous getting red of tea leaves. At the same time, it can make tea leaves lighter in color and easy to be rolled by reducing moisture.

Procedure 4. Rolling
This procedure can make tea leave lighter and curled so that it’s easy to brewing.

Procedure 5. Drying
Drying is to vapor moisture and soften leaves, dispel bitter and enhance strong fragrance.

Oolong Tea Process Line Machinery and Flow Chart

Separate Machine Show

Cooling Shelf

CTNOTM01 Tea Cooling Shelf

It is used for cooling teas after picked up.

Circling Machine

CTNOTM02 Circling Machine

It is used in procedure 2 ( green leaves with red edges process). By quivering and circling of roller, it can make leave achieve green leave with red edges.

Stir Fixation Machine

CTNOTM03 Stir Fixation Machine

It is used in procedure 3 for stir fixation.

Tea Balling Machine

CTNOTM05 Tea Balling Machine

It is used for balling oolong tea.

CTNOTM06 Tea Ball Shaping Machine

It is used for balling oolong tea.

Tea Dust Tosser

CTNOTM04 Tea Dust Tosser

It is used for unblocking rolled tea leaves after rolling.

Tea Dust Sifting Machine

CTNOTM07 Tea Dust Sifting Machine

It is used for sifting dust from teas.

Spicing Machine

CTNOTM08 Spicing Machine

It is specially used for enhancing fragrance of oolong tea.

Separately Packing Machine

CTNOTM09 Separately Packing Machine

Vacuum Packaging Machine

CTNOTM10 Vacuum Packaging Machine

Packing Effect

Air-condition Special for Tea

CTNOTM11 Air Condition Special For Tea


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