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Black Tea CTC Production Line

Brief introduction of CTC production line

CTC represents Curl, Tear and Crush, while it reflects the technology of making tea. CTC tea making is mainly to destroy the structure of tea through machinery to shorten the time of fermentation, reduce the loss of tea quality, ensure the quality of tea and form granular while destroying the structure of tea. The fermentation time of CTC black tea has shortened by 50% in comparison with traditional black tea and at the same time its inherent quality increases significantly with fresh red color of tea of strong concentration, with rapid making. Therefore, CTC black tea has become a major product in international black tea market. Type CTC-914 complete set of equipment for processing fragment black tea is the first set of tea processing equipment developed by Yunnan Agricultural Machinery Research Institute, with integration of completeness, continuation and course and fine processing into an organic whole. This production line consists of a vibrating and cleaning machine, a rubbing and crushing machine, a triplex rolling and crushing machine, a ventilating continuous fermentation machine, an air-flow type fluidized-bed drying machine, a complete set of electrostatic rubbing and stemming machines (including 1 set of Type 135 stemming machine and 2 sets of Type 99 stemming machines) and an auxiliary belt-conveyor. This production line can treat 1,000kg to 1,200kg of fresh tea leaves per hour and make 300kg of dry black tea per hour, with moisture content below 6.5% for the processed dry black tea.

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Tea Soup of CTC

Processing Technology

Flow chart

Processing & Machine Photos


Technical Instructions

There is no strict restriction in grading for raw material for CTC fragment black tea. However, there must be no of wood nature for tea, fresh tea leaves should be withered and dehydrated by means of spreading them out for cooling on a withering bed, with ventilation below the withering troughs to avoid the tea heated and deteriorated. The moisture content of the processed tea should be below 85%.

The fresh tea leaves after withering cannot directly enter into the rubbing and crushing machine for processing. It should be cleaned through a vibrating and cleaning machine to remove small stones, tea tree stalks and metal articles mixed with the tea leaves when picked up, and with some small non-uniform leaves with poor nutrient being picked out. The fresh tea leaves after cleaned will enter into the cylinder of the rubbing and cleaning machine and will be crushed into broken pieces by means of rubbing and crushing actions of both moving and static cutters to make preparation for next processes. Then, the tea will enter into the triplex rolling and crushing machine to form granular tea, all performed respectively by means of three groups of toothed rolls in succession. This is the most critical step influencing the quality of tea and its granular formation. Each group of toothed rolls consists of fast and slow rolls. While rolling and crushing, the tea leaves are rubbed and curled into granular. After this process, the tea will be fermented on two punched conveyor belts providing ventilation and supplying oxygen to the tea through a blower with hot wind provided during cold weather. With the action of certain time, temperature and humidity as well as mechanical movement, the tea gradually becomes red and brown. After fermentation, the tea enters into the air-flow type fluidized-bed drying machine where with the action of hot air the tea will boil over on the bed surface of the drying machine and move toward the outlet. During this process, the tea loses its moisture and turns dry, while the composition of the tea will not change any more. The dried tea has many ribs and thin hairs that should be picked out through the stemming machine. Through the friction between a wool felt and a PVC cylinder, the stemming machine can pick out tea stems and other foreign matters and confirms the grades of the tea.

Major Technical Targets

1. Production Capacity: Treating standard fresh tea leaves of 1,200kg/h (producing dry black tea of 300kg/h). 

2. Power of Part of Special Machines: Approx. 150kW. 

3. For the complete set of the equipment, we execute SB222-1985 “Common Universal Specification for Food Machinery: Basic Technical Requirements”, SB223-1985 “Common Universal Specification for Food Machinery: Technical Requirements of Machinery Processing” and SB224-1985 “Common Universal Specification for Food Machinery: Technical Requirements of Assembly”. The quality of the processed black tea products are in conformity with the standard of fragment black tea in China, i.e. GB/T13738-1997 “The First Set of Fragment Black Tea”. 

4. The total area occupied by the equipment: 1,350m2. 

5. Number of operators: Not less than 15 persons per shift.

Equipment Details of CTC Production Line

List of Major Equipment and Their Quotations

No. Name of Equipment Major Technical Targets External Dimensions Installed Power Quantity (set)
1 Vibrating & cleaning conveyor The transmitting capacity is 1200kg/h and the diameter of sieves for cleaning and choice is 10mm. 6000×1000×2000 1.5kw 1
2 Rotovane Stainless steel material is used for the contact surface between the moving cutter and the static cutter as well as between the internal wall of the cylinder and the tea. The inner diameter of the cylinder is 380mm. 2600×950×1500 18.5kw 1
3 Triplex CTC rolling and rushing machine (1) The width of the working tooth surface is 914mm; (2) The rotation speed of the fast roll is 720 rpm and the speed of the slow roll is 72 rpm; (3) The diameter of the toothed ring is between 162mm and 210mm. 12000×22000×1900 60.5kw 1
4 Continuous fermentation machine (1) The belt of conveyor is the punched rubber belt of food-class; (2) The surface of the blowing bed and other surface contacting with tea are made of stainless steel material. 25000×3800×2300 16.65kw 1
5 Static fluidized-bed drying machine The surface of the fluidized bed is made of food-class stainless steel with an area of 8.6m2. 10000×3800×7000 42.12kw 1
6 Type 135 electro-static rubbing and stemming machine The length of the friction cylinder is 1350mm. The diameter of the friction cylinder is 135mm. Two outlets for outputting tea are provided. 4500×1900×1850 1.5kw 1
7 Type 99 electro-static rubbing and stemming machine The length of the friction cylinder is 990mm. The diameter of the friction cylinder is 135mm. Seven outlets for outputting tea are provided. 4250×1800×1400 0.75kw 2


Complete Set of Auxiliary Maintenance Equipment

No. Description Major Technical Targets

Quantity (set)

1 4 ton/h industrial boiler Evaporation capacity: 4 t/h 1

Gas type (includinginstallation fee)

2 Heat exchanger   8

To construct according to site requirements

3 Ventilating machine for withering troughs   25  
4 Belt conveyor Width: 600mm 4

To make complete sets according to site requirements


Repairing and polishing machine for toothed rolls


A complete set of repair tools

  1 complete set  
7 Standby toothed roller 914 mm 6  


Complete Sets of Equipment (Provided by Clients)

No. Description Requirements
1 Factory building The area of the production workshop is required to be 500m2 (excluding warehouse, withering workshop and boiler workshop), with a height of 4.5m for 350m2 of the area and a height of 9m for drying workshop (approx. 150m2).
2 Withering house It depends on climate conditions of different places. It is suggested that its area is not less than 1000m2 with two storeys with 500m2 for each storey (25 troughs, with a length of 20m), a width of 1.2m for each trough and a width of 0.8m for each corridor, i.e. the area of the withering house being 25×(1.2+0.8)×20m2. The height of floor is 4.5m, with an area of the withering trough being 600m2. The construction of withering channels is to be fixed after the site is confirmed.
3 Water supply The water supply capacity is 5 tons/h with water quality reaching the standard for drinking water.
4 Electricity supply The transformer capacity is larger than 250kVA, with 4-wire three-phase output terminal, 380V voltage and 50Hz frequency. A distribution room is specially arranged with more than 3 output circuits.
5 Machine repair shop A special machine repair shop is arranged with an area of more than 20m2 and a storey height of 3m. It is required to provide for the shop a Type CY6140 lathe, a small bench drill, a polishing machine, a cutter, a welding machine, oxyacetylene and other tools.The toothed roll is installed in the machine repair shop.
6 Physio-chemical analysis room A special laboratory is set with an area of 20m2 a storey height of 3m, and equipped with related measuring instruments.

Settlement room for drying machine

It is to be fixed after the site is surveyed.

Warehouse for finished products

It is to be confirmed by the client according to actual need, but its area should not be less than 300m2.

Plane Layout of Production Building

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