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Tea drinks production line


Brief Introduction of Tea Drinks

Finished Products

Tea drinks are mainly made of extracted liquid of tea leaves, tea powder and concentrated liquid. It is a kind of soft drink with some natural tea polyphenols and theine which are components of teas. Tea drinks have the particular flavor of tea as well as healthy and nutrient efficacy like it of flower tea, green tea and oolong tea, etc.

Processing Technique of Tea Drinks

a. Pure water preparation: the original water is from ground water, tap water, spring. The water is treated by double-layer reverse osmosis treatment so that water can achieve the following standard:


Percent recovery:75%

Operation pressure: 1-1.5Mpa

b. Tea juice distilling technology: fresh tea leaves or fannings are selected and washed clear and then are squeezed, distilled and centrifuged to get the tea juice. The juice are infused into sugar, acid, essence and pigment and then mixed with pure water prepared in last procedure for infilling tins. After this procedure, the finished product fits for the following standards: Tea juice content≥10%(m/v);

Tea soup (inputting temperature≤30℃) is treated at the temperature of 121~137℃ by special UHT sterilizer to keep the table temperature for 5-30s so that it become asepsis material then this material is cooled to 85-92℃ and sent into infilling machines.

c. Air purification of infilling area: the air treated by filter is pushed into infilling area to achieve a 100,000 level (static state) purification standard.

d. Purging of PET bottle: the inner surface of PET bottle is flushed repeatedly by sterile water and sent to infilling area.

e.Bottle infilling and cap sealing: asepsis material is pre-filled into treated PET bottle and sealed by Capper to be semi-finished products.

f. Inverted sterilization of semi-finished products: sealed bottles are sent to inverted carrier chain which can makes these bottles slant at 110 degree at the same time they are vibrating together with tracks so that the bottle caps are sterilized again by their own temperature. In this procedure the cap gaskets are softened and the sealing degree is higher.

This inverted period is approximate 30-45s. After sterilization, the carrier chain can make bottles upwards automatically.

g. Cooling of semi-finished products: the products after inverted sterilization are transported to tracks for cooling and spraying by circulating water (4 times) until they are kept below 40℃. Before they are taken out, bottle bodies are washed by pure water.

h. Post-packing for the products: blowing dry; label shrinking and gluing; date printing; light-check.

Technology Flow Chart of Tea Production Line


Original Water Tank                                                               Pump         





Multi-medium Filter

YY-JDL Multi-medium filter is mainly to remove the Particulate Contamination, suspended material, colloidal and other materials in the water. The filter filled with quartz sand, coal and so on .The high of the materials is usually 1200mm,the size of the filter material, the height of the layer all filled according to the technological requirements, then through the Dosing disposal, through debugging it can achieve satisfactory results, let the outlet water SDI lower.


Active Carbon Filter   

YY-CHT Active carbon filter is used to adsorbed the remaining chlorine, organics, some pigments and other harmful substances in the raw water, deduce the containing of the COD. The filter filled with the active carbon, the height of the material is 1200mm.    


Sodium Ion Exchanger        

YY-SNJ Sodium ion exchanger is for reducing the hardness of hard water raw water goes through the exchanger from top to bottom, to be softened by the sodium ion exchanger inside the device. The positive ions of magnesium and calcium are exchanged with that of sodium. Then the raw water becomes soft water containing very few ions of magnesium and calcium. The soft water can be used for feeding water of boiler and for some industrial uses. Due to its high dissolving ability in water, sodium ions will not form hard sediment in the boiler and can be easily removed. Raw water shall be filtered and set with almost on suspended before coming into the exchanging device. After being softened in the device, the water’s hardness shall be less than 0.03mag equivalent.

Precision Filter

YY-JML precision filter is designed for dinking water treatment. It can clear away alien color and foreign substance from the water and can remove heavy metal such as mercury, lead, cadmium, Zink, iron, manganese and chromium, and hydrogenate, small amount of remaining chlordane so on.

Reverse Osmosis Device            

YY-FST reverse osmosis device is an equipment to purify the saline water with the action of pressure difference of semi permeable membrane. It is called reverse osmosis, as it is counter to natural penetration direction. Different materials have different osmotic pressures. The reverse osmosis method to adopt larger osmotic, purify and condense.

Ozone Generator 

YY-ZM ultraviolet sterilizer has features of killing bacteria, virus, yeast, mould, algae in water using ultraviolet. It can be widely used and up to the effect of disinfection because it doesn’t need adding any chemicals and any heating or cooling.

Preparation Tank

Model: YY-LB-1000
Production Capacity:1000L/time

Sugar Melting Boiler                 

YY-DHT -500 electrothermal sugar melting boiler melts sugar into syrup through electrothermal tube.
Production Capacity:500L/time

Syrup Filter         

Model: YY-TML-0.5 The TML series syrup filter is used to filter syrup. Production Capacity:500kg

Double Filter       


Cooling & Heating Tank

Ultra-temperature Sterilizer

CIP Rinsing Machine

Hot Filling Washing-Filling-Capping Unit

Model YY-RCGF16-12-6
Production Capacity (B/H) 4000-5000(500ml)
Diameter of Bottle (mm) φ50-φ100
Height of Bottle (mm) 150-310
Power (KW) 3.13
Overall Dimension (mm) 2100×1650×2300
Weight (kg) 2500

Conveying System

Cap Elevator

Air Compressor

Jet Printer

Letterform lattice


Print lines

1-3lines (Can be adjusted)

Height of letter

1.25-15MM(Can be adjusted)

Speed of print

2M/S (single line7×6)

Print content

Chinese,English,Arabia and mark


50W 220V 50-60HZ

Air source flow


Outer dimension


Can receive BMP picture edited by computer

Bottle Inversion Sterilize

Output 100-250 bottle/min
Application scope Plastic bottles,   glass bottle
Sterilizing time 12-40s
Chain speed 4.5-25m/min
Motor power 1.5KW
Weight 1800kg

Spraying Cooler

Model YY-PL-1
Production capacity (b/m) 80-120
Highest sterilization temperature (℃) 100
Surface speed of conveyer belt (mm/min) 110-553
Circular water volume (m3/h) 15
Pressure of steam min pipe (Mpa) 0.4
Overall dimension (mm) 600x1350x1650

Automatic Labeling & Shrinking Machine

Model YY-SLM-100
Capacity (bottle/min) 100
Bottle Diameter (mm) φ50-φ90
Suitable Label Material PVC PET OPP OPS
Label Thickness (mm) 0.035~0.10
Overall Dimension (mm) 2400×950×2100
Weight (kg) 450kg

Blow Dryer

Power Overall Dimension Weight
3kw 1500×560×1400 150kg

Automatic Packing Machine

Overall Dimension (L×W×H) 5050×3300×2100
Heat Shrinking Passage Dimension (L×W×H) 3700×920×1800
Maximum Packing Dimension (L×W×H) 600×400×350
Speed of Packing (packs/min) 8-12
Height of Conveying Belt 920
Power of Working Electricity 380V 20KW Three-Phase and Five-Lines
Working Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa

Cap Sterilizer

Model Power Overall Dimension Capacity
YY-XDG-1 80w 600×500×1050 5000-6000pcs/h



Machinery of Tea Drinks Processing Display



Water Tank                                                   Double-Connecting Filter




Quality-Average Machine                            High Temperature Sterilizer




Cold & Hot Cylinder                                                    Triad Machine



Cap Disinfection Cabinet                             Bottle Regulating Machine




Spraying & Cooling Machine                          Blow-Drying Machine



Date Printer                                                    Shrink & Packing Machine

YY-RCGF Series Hot Filling 3-In-1 Unit

Usage: The series equipment is used in hot filling and sealing of green tea,black tea and fruit juice.The machine integrates washing.filling and capping together.The design is scientific and reasonable with good-looking appearance.Its operation and maintenance is convenient and is highly automatic .It is good equipment for hot drinks filling.


Main Technical parameter

Model YY-RCGF16-12-6 YY-RCGF18-18-6 YY-RCGF24-24-8 YY-RCGF32-32-12 YY-RCGF40-40-15
Production capacity (500ml) 4000-5000 6000-8000 8000-10000 10000-12000 12000-14000
Washing heads 16 18 24 32 40
Filling heads 12 18 24 32 40
Capping heads 6 6 8 12 15
Suitable bottle size Circular or square
Diameter of bottle Φ50-Φ90
Height of bottle 150-310
Compressed air pressure 0.3-0.7
Washing medium Sterile water
Washing pressure 0.25
Power (KW) 3.13 3.84 4.1 5.6 7.5
Overall dimension (MM) 2100x1650x2300 2400x1900x2300 2800x2100x2300 4200x2300x2300 5000x2800x2400
Weight 2500 3000 4000 5000 7500


YY-PL Shower Sterilizer & Cooler

Main technical parameter

Model YY-PL-1 YY-PL-2 YY-PL-3
Production capacity (b/m) 80-120 150-180 200-250
Highest sterilization temperature (℃) 100 100 100
Surface speed of conveyer belt (mm/min) 110-553 200-1000 250-1500
Circular water volume (m3/h) 15 25 35
Pressure of steam min pipe (Mpa) 0.4 0.4 0.4
Overall dimension (mm) 600x1350x1650 8000x1500x1650 1200x1700x1650


YY-DJ series beater

The equipment is used in beating ,discarding residue of fruit or vegetable material.

Main Technical parameter

Production capacity 2-4T/H
Power 3KW
Weight 350KG
Overall dimension (mm) 1950x750x1400 mm
Diameter of mesh single: 1mm, double:1mm,0.6mm


YY-DS Automatic Bottle Invented Sterilizer

It is mainly used in sterilizing PET bottle mouth and inside surface of caps. In which haven't been disinfected by the mat tea, Fruit juice which having been filled in PET bottle. It mainly consist of chief conveying chain system, support, bottle reversing chain system, bottle reversing guiding rod and bottle repositioning rod. Use its inner thermal medium to disinfect bottle mouth and caps without any other heat source, So it can save energy. The machine is fully made of SUS304stainless steel, more convenient in operation.

Main technical parameter

Output 100-250 bottle/min
Application scope Plastic bottles,   glass bottle
Sterilizing time 12-40s
Chain speed 4.5-25m/min
Motor power 1.5KW
Weight 1800kg

YY-GFP Series Negative Pressure Filler


Model YY-GFP-12 YY-GFP-24 YY-GFP-32

Production capacity

1500-2500B/H 3000-5000B/H 6000-8000B/H
Bottle/can type
Inner dia. at inlet
Outer dia. of bottle
Bottle height

Glass bottle




PET bottle




Pop-top bottle






1.1 1.5
Overall dimension 1000x800x2000 1330x1260x2200 1450x1700x2500
Weight 1200 1600 2000


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