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Seed laboratory specialized equipment

5ZW-3 type seed pill graining test bench

 5X-50 type of seeds wind screening test-bed

5XE-50 type of seeds wind screening test-bed

5 XP-50 type of seeds of the belt screening test-bed

5 XQ-50 type seeds to stone test bench 5 XS-50 type seeds screening test-bed
5XTM-50-type seed table sorting test bed 5XW-50 type of nest  eye cleaning test bed
5XY-50 type II seed classification choose test bench 5XZ-50-type gravity separator test bed

5ZQ-10 type of seed brush kinds of seeds test bench




5BP-3 type seed-coating test bench


Equipment USES

  Seed-coating test rig is suitable for all kinds of seed coating on the few trials or small seeds for pills granular, increasing the volume, facilitate mechanization planting seeds.

Equipment performance characteristic

  Seed-coating test using mixed in the bottom of the virtual high rotation speed, driving the earthen bowl scroll up and down and particle material in the interaction between the movement. When to add a certain amount of material in port in advance of the measurement indicated, can make the material includes apply evenly indicated on the surface of the formation of certain thickness, the film and firm apply is on the material surface. According to different, can will seed the drug seeds set to one-200, set in the mixed seed in the port time and adjust the mix in the operation of the port at the bottom of the speed, the way, to achieve the ideal clad effect. Control panel have machine start button, the knob and the speed time setting button; the machine use the assembly type structure, can according to various seed coating testing requirements, the replacement of two different volume mix of earthen bowl, improve the efficiency.

Equipment technical parameters

Production capacity:0.5-3kg/h                    Motor power:0.55kw

Working voltage:220V/50Hz                        Rated speed:200-1400r/min

Time Alarm:30s-5min                              Shape dimension:600*600*1000mm






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